Saturday, March 15, 2014

Paperboy kitchen

I went in search of a cafe I'd read about on the Internet and passed by this place on the way. Checked out their menu online and decided to eat there instead.  Good choice!


They sell 4 (main) menu items with the option of roll or bowl. As well as selling vietnamese iced coffee (other drinks), and I think snacks.

Their menu:

I went with the Panko fish bowl - lightly battered fish with Asian Slaw, Carrot-Daikon Pickle, Sriracha-Mayo and Coriander, which also came with a side of spiced popcorn. The bowl had a bit of spice to it (but I find mild things spicey :))

I also got the vietnamese iced coffee - which comes in a drip cup setup so it drips down into the glass of ice and condensed milk.  Awesome!!

It's very small with limited seats (two tables of 4 and a bench with open windows to the street that I think had 5 seats at). There was funky music playing and the food tasted excellent.

I also liked that instead of table numbers or anything you got an animal figure.

Paperboy Kitchen
320 Little Lonsdale Street


  1. Hey Jen, thanks for coming down - glad you enjoyed your lunch!
    Hope to see you again soon :)

    1. Thanks! I'll be in trouble if you ever add Spring rolls to the menu :)