Friday, February 8, 2013

Cravin' Crepes

Cravin Crepes
33 Cumberland Drive, Maribyrnong 3032
(open 10am-10pm at time of posting this)

Walking the dogs along the Maribyrnong river from Footscray Park, found a lake area that you could walk around near the new(ish) townhouses and apartments.

There I found a little crepes place.

This is the view in the other direction from my table.

Here is the menu - it apparently does both sweet and savoury crepes - but the two times I've been there I've only had the one thing - so I can't comment on what the Savoury ones are like :)  They also serve a selection of drinks (cold, hot and stuff like milkshakes).

What could I not go past?  The Nightmare crepe.  Dark Chocolate & Strawberries.  Maybe called a nightmare as there's so much chocolate waiting to ooze out of the crepe - so when you eat the whole thing you regret it a little.  But it is sooo yummy.

This place also is dog friendly.  Last time I went it was just me and Yoshi - so they took my order from me standing to the side and saying what I wanted, and I paid when they delivered my food (sometimes its hard finding a place where you don't have to enter the building.  I'm not sure that Yoshi would cope with being tied to something or that I'd cope if someone untied him :)).  Here is Yoshi dog watching from the shade of the table.  It makes the table like gigantic!!  

There are a couple of little cafes across the courtyard that I haven't looked at.  They usually have a few dogs there too.  Although last time some girl was letting her disobedient dog run riot.  But that's not to say avoid this place if you have a dog - I've just gone on a ramble.

So it's nothing super fancy and last time I went there was a really long wait before anything appeared.  However the staff were super friendly and apologised about the delay (without me mentioning anything).  A good place for a crepe :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Footscray milking station

Another find through footscray food blog. This is one of our breakfast choices on the weekend. Reasonably small though they do have seats out the front, inside and courtyard in the back. It's usually based on luck if we get a seat but more times than not we do.

We sat in the courtyard for the first time the other weekend - it's actually really nice! A few bees around when we ate there though.

They do a good coffee although sometimes their mochas are a bit sweet. I like that they have specials on the board and late last year they updated their menu with a lot of their specials added as standard.

Lunch options served from 11am include a soup special, a pasta special and a selection of sandwiches. Breakfast they have usually one special. They serve eggs with extras, a breakfast bun (that jase typically gets), huevos rancheros, croissant with jam and a mushroom puff pastry tart to name a few.

Pulled pork sandwich - tasty!!

The breakfast bun

Shelley's breakfast was a special last weekend (hopefully I've spelt her name right) - from memory poached egg, pancetta type meat, spinach leaves, mushrooms, olives, feta on sourdough with that herby mix on top of the poached egg (from her family recipe) - the name of it escapes me at the moment.

Staff are usually friendly with one staff member making an effort to remember what we've ordered before and last year going through the specials in great detail. They shut for Christmas without advertising when they'd be back - so I was pretty happy to see them open last weekend.


Lunch time dilemma of what to eat - remembered a Korean place that had opened on the day I went to mamak. They had nice photos in their window so in we went. It's two levels apparently but only downstairs was open for lunch. Looks like an interesting place for dinner as they have a BBQ option (angus and wagyu described on the window poster) and fancy looking desserts. Noticed a wall of wine bottles so I was surprised the only wine option I noticed on the lunch menu was their house wine. Maybe a good one but didn't try it.

They have long tables with a communal feel so whilst we weren't sitting next to someone there was a guy seated at the end of a 6 person table. Nice interior and very friendly staff. Weird brass things coming out of the roof. The first was my side view from my table, the place is wider than this.

The lunch menu was pretty extensive with entrees, bulgogi, bibimbap through to lunch boxes. Twisted the arm of my lunch buddy to share some dumplings. Omg yummy!! Nice crisp dumplings, looked a little oily but didn't taste oily. It came with a soy dipping sauce and a bit of slaw with mayonnaise type sauce.

It came out really quickly, and was closely followed by my bibimbap. I paid the extra for the stone bowl. Happily the bowl was hot, my meal was super filling. Meat was good quality.

My lunch buddy had some eel and rice dish and he was happy with it. They'd added some of the marinade to the rice too which he liked. They serve a bunch of drinks including a couple of beers, soft drink and that house wine.

Here's the menu!

So for a weekday lunch it was a little pricey. $12 for my beef bulgogi stone bowl bibimbap, $7 for 6 dumplings. But was tasty and great friendly service. The lunch boxes looked good so I'd be tempted to give those a go if I head back there.