Friday, February 8, 2013

Cravin' Crepes

Cravin Crepes
33 Cumberland Drive, Maribyrnong 3032
(open 10am-10pm at time of posting this)

Walking the dogs along the Maribyrnong river from Footscray Park, found a lake area that you could walk around near the new(ish) townhouses and apartments.

There I found a little crepes place.

This is the view in the other direction from my table.

Here is the menu - it apparently does both sweet and savoury crepes - but the two times I've been there I've only had the one thing - so I can't comment on what the Savoury ones are like :)  They also serve a selection of drinks (cold, hot and stuff like milkshakes).

What could I not go past?  The Nightmare crepe.  Dark Chocolate & Strawberries.  Maybe called a nightmare as there's so much chocolate waiting to ooze out of the crepe - so when you eat the whole thing you regret it a little.  But it is sooo yummy.

This place also is dog friendly.  Last time I went it was just me and Yoshi - so they took my order from me standing to the side and saying what I wanted, and I paid when they delivered my food (sometimes its hard finding a place where you don't have to enter the building.  I'm not sure that Yoshi would cope with being tied to something or that I'd cope if someone untied him :)).  Here is Yoshi dog watching from the shade of the table.  It makes the table like gigantic!!  

There are a couple of little cafes across the courtyard that I haven't looked at.  They usually have a few dogs there too.  Although last time some girl was letting her disobedient dog run riot.  But that's not to say avoid this place if you have a dog - I've just gone on a ramble.

So it's nothing super fancy and last time I went there was a really long wait before anything appeared.  However the staff were super friendly and apologised about the delay (without me mentioning anything).  A good place for a crepe :)

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