Friday, March 8, 2013

Dos Diablos Mobile Cantina

More food trucks are coming our west - hooray!!

I liked the menu of this one more than the Taco Truck (though it has been awhile since I've had the Taco Truck).  I found these guys at a park in Yarraville - but as per usual you need to check the facebook page (or the where the truck at website) to find if they're in the area.  I think they stick to the north and western suburbs (yay!).

Here they are!  And their menu.

Was such a gorgeous day

You can pick up serviettes and I think condiments from the side.

I had pollo taco (marinated grilled chicken w chipotle mayo & roasted corn salsa) and tried their seasoned fries.

I was still feeling a bit peckish so went back for the carnitas taco (slow roasted pork w salsa).

They also hung out with a coffee van (or did on this particular day) - that made a very nice Mocha and were friendly asking how I enjoyed the Mocha.

And here is the lovely Yarraville gardens.  Such a lovely place to sit and eat.

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