Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pepper lunch

Pepper lunch where you cook your own on your personal 260 degree heated hotplate.

I had the cheeseburger. Ended up being a meat pattie in 4 parts, bean shoots, cheese, egg. I also choose to upgrade my meal for an $3.95 which included a bowl of rice or fries and a miso soup or drink. So I got a massive bottle of sweetened tea and bowl of fries. The fries were hot and nice, a little salty. The meal was yummy. Nice gooey mix of meat, cheese, egg and bean shoots.  The second time I went back the chips weren't good so I ended up leaving half of them. Just not hot and crispy.

Here's the "as presented" and "there I mixed it up" pictures.

There are two sauce bottles on the table that you add as you cook. I had the sweet bbq type sauce, but there was also something else labeled garlic.

My colleagues got double chicken and double salmon options. As pictured below. 

The verdict - whilst it isn't the most awesome food I had, I enjoyed the novelty of having my personal hot plate to cook food on.  It also means the dishes come out super quick as you are cooking it yourself.  They do like you to order your food before grabbing a table, which leaves you feeling nervous as you're queuing up to order. 

It's on Elizabeth Street, near Melbourne Central.

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