Tuesday, April 15, 2014

French Baguette cafe, Footscray

So after noticing something new and shiney in Footscray, decided to go check out a new French Baguette place with some local chicks from Twitter.

I thought it a little odd to have a French cafe in footscray but to their credit they did have some western style looking baguettes (with ham, cheese and tomato) made up, but I opted for the vietnamese roll.  With pork and the other bits that usually go into the vietnamese rolls (this was my first so there was a little confusion when I was trying to order but eventually got there :)).

They have separate sections for ordering hot food, paying for the serve yourself food (pastries & cakes - bread top style), and drinks. They also had a wide range of food.  There was even an option of ordering pizzas!  They also had egg and bacon rolls which a couple of people from the table had.

The roll tasted awesome.  Really nice flavour to it and the bread tasted fresh. Bargain for $3.50.

I ordered an iced coffee but forgot the magic "vietnamese" word when ordering so I got a western style iced coffee.  They do have vietnamese iced coffee there if you order it properly.  Someone else I went with did the same thing as me too :)  Some of the drinks come with a fancy swizzel stick in them! Interesting that when one woman's drink got dropped off the guy tried to take an additional two numbers with him, but we sorted that out!

I also tried a strawberry tart.  The tart case seemed a little crumbly/soggy but overall it tasted nice.  I probably would try something else or avoid dessert like I should :)

It's a decent sized place with outdoor seating, indoor seating and we spotted seating upstairs.  The place was kid friendly although maybe too kid friendly with a little kid behind us screaming his lungs out whilst whoever was looking after him ignored him.  The kids who came in our group though were awesomely behaved :)  Next time I'm looking for a roll or coffee and cake I'll head back!

For Lauren's more experienced review (and correct terminology for the rolls) check out:

French Baguette Cafe
Cnr Albert and Barkly Streets, Footscray

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