Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Paco's Tacos

On a nice sunny day I had a hankering for Mexican when heading to lunch with a friend so she suggested this place:


It's set up outside Movida, prices are not cheap but on par with other mexican in the CBD and the mexican food trucks.  The quality of the food is good though.  I think they might be owned by Movida or at least have a close relationship with them. They have a few tables under shelter, and other tables scattered around the courtyard, some with umbrellas.

Their nachos are really quite filling.  The tacos I would need a few to feel satisfied.  Last time I went I ordered a small nachos and two tacos (chorizo and prawn).

This was more than enough food for me but also an expensive weekday lunch. As you can see by the photos the food looks quite healthy.  Everything comes out in baskets which is cute too.  I like that it's outside so you can especially enjoy it on a nice weather day although last time I went I had smokers lighting up next to me. Thankfully they wandered away from their table and I could enjoy my lunch smoke free.  I wish Melbourne had non-smoking outdoor cafe areas. Completely unrelated to this place - just a general whinge :)

Here's some previous dishes that I've eaten:

Staff are friendly, even asking if I enjoyed the food as clearing up the baskets.  Just get their early to try to beat the queue to order food and secure a table.  They do serve alcohol here - but I remember the margarita being pricey (though I'm sure they use a higher standard tequila) so have only had it once. Very tasty food.

Pacos Tacos
Lvl 1 500 Bourke St (up the stairs from Little Bourke St)

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