Sunday, July 28, 2013


Sabroso is our go to sunday roast place now.
2 Gamon Street, Seddon.

It's a tapas bar that also has a selection of other meals. On sundays, they have a Lamb Shoulder special - of lamb shoulder with a bit of sauce, potatoes and green beans.  At a guess I'd say the sauce was a bit of tomato/vegetable chunky sauce that the lamb was cooked in.  The staff now know our order - although I tend to change up my appetizer and wine selections.   J often grabs a prawn and chorizo skewer, whilst I debate over that or the potato croquette.

When we've been on a Saturday we've ended up having the Braised Beef and mash dish - which apparently is a special on Thursday night for $20, served with some green beans.

I've also tried a selection of their Tapas when they ran a special "banquet option"

Salt & Pepper Squid w Aioli & Lemon, Potato & Sage Croqueta, Soft Shell Crab Tortilla, Lamb Briouat w Yoghurt & Sumac.

Hand cut Fries w Rosemary & Shallots, Pork Meatballs w Spicy Tomato & Onion Sauce (and Jase's sunday lamb roast shoulder)

I can't recall the name of the pizza type thing but they were yummy. Next to them the Prawn & Chorizo Pinchos w Pil Pil Sauce.

On another occasion I tried the Paella and found it a bit dry for my liking, but that might just be I prefer a more liquidy risotto, the rice of the Paella was crispy and the quality of the prawns was good.

We tend to go about 12:30 and it's nice and quiet - although we went for a late lunch yesterday and the meat was so tender, probably because it had had an extra 1.5hours of "tenderising/resting" time :)

They seem to run wine and beer special events, and have a nice range of wine and ciders.  I'm guessing beer too but I'm not a beer drinker.

Here's their current food menu:

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