Monday, August 26, 2013

Los Latinos

So I've driven past this place heaps of times and finally organised a visit there.

They had two locations, one in Maidstone and the other in Ascot Vale - but judging by their Facebook posts they've had to shut down and will relocate the Ascot Vale restaurant. (due to what must have been serious plumbing issues).

Friendly service, but you wouldn't want to go there and be in a hurry to get out the door.

They have a whole bunch of entrees, mains and drinks on the menu.  With specials (and their drinks) written up on the wall. I didn't photograph the drinks list but they had wine, beer, cocktails and softdrink.

Unfortunately no one was getting a starter so I missed out on trying their Nachos (which I'm guessing were big based on the price).  However I did enjoy the Burrito El Grande Beef.

Other people enjoyed the chicken fajitas and the vegetarian tacos.  I think though if I was to order the tacos I'd probably need a starter too, but the burrito was a good size with guacamole, salsa and sour cream provided with it.

I also enjoyed their Pineapple Margarita and Pina Colada cocktails.  Although I was expecting something a little different to how the Pina Colada tasted.  It ended up being a bit like a toblerone crossed with something else.

My only other complaint is when booking I noticed they had Dimmi set up on their website, but only for the Ascot Vale restaurant.  So I rang and left a message on an answering machine.  I didn't hear anything back and ended up sending them an email - to which someone rang me back to confirm my booking.  When I had to update the numbers for the night I tried ringing before 5.  No answer and no answering machine.  I rang after 5 and still no answer.  Thankfully I found a mobile number on their facebook page and someone eventually answered that, I didn't want us booking more seats than we needed!

I'd happily go back though as I enjoyed their food.

Los Latinos
128 Mitchell St, Maidstone

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