Monday, September 2, 2013

Pj O'Brien's - tullamarine airport

So I might have over estimated how bad the traffic would be and am stupidly early for my domestic flight. After surveying the breakfast options (McDonald's, Hudson's coffee) settled on pj's. They have a small breakfast menu and as much as I love a cooked breakfast decided the all day big breakfast might be overkill.

So I ordered the pancakes with berries and cream. It had fruit, that's something right!! After at least 20 minutes a set of 3 cold pancakes came out, it was explained they had run out of berries so they'd given me maple syrup on the side. They had also dumped half a container of double cream on top. I'm thinking maybe it took as long as it did as they had to let the pancakes cool?!

I should probably have stuck with the cooked breakfast and a cider instead! :)

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