Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jantra Thai

9 Ashley Street, Central Business Park, Braybrook

Just down the road is a bunch of warehouses and oddly a restaurant behind a big fence.  After reading a good write up about Jantra Thai on the Footscray Food Blog - thought we'd go check it out.  A little on the pricey side but the food and service have been fantastic.

Initially they had some issues with their liquor license but they got that sorted out so I believe they supply wine, beer and spirits with the option of BYO wine with a corkage charge. We didn't recognise the wines on the wine list so haven't sampled any of them.

So what's good on the menu?

Starting at entrees - there are chicken and prawn wontons

Boneless Chicken wrapped in Pandan leaves (you get 5 - so the picture below is an eating in progress)

Chicken (or vegetable) spring rolls
(You get 6 - 2 were snatched up before I remembered to grab my photo).

Other dishes (which I don't have photos of) include Satay Chicken, Curry Puffs, Blanket Prawns, Deep Fried Calamari.

Moving on to mains.

My partner always orders Chicken with Sweet Basil, Garlic and Chilli with Seasonal Vegetables

I used to get Prawns with Roasted Cashew Nuts and Dry Chilli with Onion and Seasonal Vegetables

But then I discovered their chef's special of Deep Fried Prawn in Batter with Tamarind and sweet chilli sauce.  (Two different visits are photographed below).

The taste has been consistent, although I do notice in the photos I seem to have gotten different number of prawns on different visits - and Jase was complaining about the amount of eggplant in his stir fry recently. Although that said I was full after my 6 prawns tonight. They are also generous with topping up our rice.

The service is fantastic. They are also active on Facebook - handy when I was hanging out for when they got their liquor license and I kept asking about it :)

The restaurant does seem reasonably quiet when we go but I imagine they do a fantastic trade during the day with nearby workers and their lunchtime $9 special (or about that).  They also do home delivery via menulog (although you can probably just order from their website directly).  Such a convenient location for us though!

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