Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mr burger (truck)

Therry St, near the Vic Market, Melbourne.

So a lunch time of shopping, wondering what to eat and hey presto a broadsheet article that tells me there's a burger joint right near work.

Mr burger (truck) is a truck that has found a spot to park off a lane way near queen Vic market.

Great friendly service (although it does feel a bit weird when you order as you feel really short).  The food has been overall awesome (I've only had one overcooked burger/bun). When I've been there was two burger options. A standard one and a meat one (with bacon and BBQ sauce). I get the standard mr burger burger. The right amount of mayo and pickle! There's also now a vegetarian option for those inclined.

Here is the unveiling of my first burger and chips.  I probably ate some chips on the way back to work hence the greasy fingerprints on the box :)

Check out that pickle/mayo-y goodness :)

You need to check their status (they post on their website, facebook and twitter as to where they're going to be but it seems pretty consistent. At the market on market days!)

They also serve chips but I've had mixed experience with them.  A burger is around $10, the chips around $3.

Looking forward to going back there soon :)

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