Tuesday, January 8, 2013

White guy cooks Thai

So I think a food truck is cool! Had tried the Taco Truck before and more recently Mr Burger as they've got a semi-permanent spot near Vic Market.  One of my favourite food bloggers posted about the White Guy Cooks Thai truck which is the first truck to be based in the west. With my partner away after christmas and the fact that would be in a local neighbourhood park I figured I would go check them out.

Their menu changes from day to day but here's what was available when I went.

It was a tough choice, but I had the Chicken and Waterchestnut Gyozas as the "main" with 2 corn cakes as the side.  

Next time I think I'd forgo the Corn Cakes and try the Prawn sliders.  The Gyozas however were awesome.  Nice and crispy and not oily. There was also a small amount of Asian coleslaw found underneath. There wasn't much of a wait either (though I did get there close to starting time :))

Here is the view from Footscray Park where I sat and ate my dinner.  This is the spot that overlooks where I have been doing outdoor workout sessions :)

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