Monday, January 14, 2013

T Square Club

Last week was the first week back at work after Christmas - so I was really disappointed when I arrived sleep deprived at work to find that the coffee shop at the bottom of the building was still away on holidays.  However there was a nice guy handing out 2 for 1 vouchers for coffee across the road.

So I lined up my coffee buddy to make a visit to T Square Club. It's near the corner of Victoria and Swanston Street (but towards the back of the building that's there). They have indoor seats but a nice outdoor section where you sit around a garden bed with herbs in there.

This is their pre-prepared food section.  They also cook fresh food too.

They have cool looking little (cast iron?) pots that I imagine they would stick under the grill to heat up and melt the cheese.  One of the dishes looked like Gnocchi - can't recall what the other one was, although looked a little on the "gourmet" size.

Their mochas are nice ($3.50), and a guy at work who drinks like 6 billion coffees a day has fallen in love with their cold drip coffee.  It also has the added danger of do we walk that little extra to the traffic lights or cross directly from work and play Frogger in the traffic :)

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